May 082009

Editor de Skins para Formularios:

Este es el editor anteriormente mencionado, bien no voy a dar muchos detalles por el momento, después voy a crear una pagina donde voy a dar una explicación más detallada.
En el link de descarga van a encontrar un archivo .zip con el ejecutable, este no tiene dependencias por lo tanto no requiere instalación.

Skins para Formularios (Editor)

  5 Responses to “Editor”

  1. Can i use this skin with

  2. i am use win 7 6bit and i have ur project from many years ago but still i cant run skin editor or run source code because crash and crash and crash again

    how can run skinner editer or source code without crash to can edit skins?!!!
    i still cant edit any skin because when i run exe or source code jst after 10 second or clicked on any button program will be crash or goto unlimited loop in hook process.

    am i should be change some code to can run correct?!!

    • Hello, I don’t find any fault that you mention, I have windows 10 x64 and it works fine, also in window 7 x32

  3. Dear Sir. It seems that the links provided by you for downloading the applicative are broken. Can you furnish the the working links? I wouldlike yothank you in advance for your attention

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